Democratic women present three scholarships |

Democratic women present three scholarships

Staff Reports

Douglas County Democratic Women (DCDW) has announced scholarships to three Douglas County students who are starting college this fall. Applicants were required to write an essay drawing from the Democratic Credo.

Mariah Wolery, a student at Douglas High School, wrote an essay titled “To Promote Equal Opportunity.” Mariah wrote, “Discrepancies (in wealth) are not a matter of hard work, or lack of backbone. lt’s just that in a society based on money, the haves and have-nots will be presented with vastly different challenges. lt is our moral duty to take those differences into account, and to make sure every person is helped according to their needs.” Mariah is attending UNR and plans to major in English or political science.

Alexandra Sims graduated from Aspire Academy. Her essay states, “A few highlights in the Democratic Party Credo that I strongly agree with are equal rights for everyone based upon age, sex, race, etc., and a society with strong and good education, quality medical care, safe streets, etc. These two reasons are extremely important to my beliefs because they pertain to the well-being of every human in America.” Alexandra is studying nursing at Western Nevada College.

Alexandra Geiser’s essay draws from her own life experiences. “It is apparent to me,” Alexandra wrote, “that ensuring the stability of our elderly and disabled persons (through Social Security) is important to a well-functioning society, as the health of a society is only reflected in the way it treats its citizens most in need.” Alexandra is attending UNR and plans to major in mechanical or chemical engineering.

DCDW is proud of these outstanding young people’s commitment to a just society. Applications for 2020 scholarships will be distributed to high schools in October.