Democracy seminars at 88 Cups & More |

Democracy seminars at 88 Cups & More

by Caryn Haller

Judging from the success of the last two series, Shelby’s Book Shoppe owner Linda Finch is expecting another good turnout for this year’s seminar on democracy.

The annual event begins 6 p.m. Wednesday on the patio of 88 Cups & More.

“I think everybody from the president on down to Shelby (Finch’s dog) needs to realize how our country was formed,” Finch said, “And part of democracy is interactive, meaning the people are supposed to be involved, and they have responsibilities, too.”

Retired Douglas High government teacher Randy Green will moderate each seminar, as well as speak during the opening and closing sessions.

“He has a very friendly, warm and welcoming manner,” Finch said. “And he’s particularly knowledgeable.”

Father Nathan Mamo from St. Gall Catholic Church will speak the second week on democracy and religion, and District Judge Tod Young will discuss the importance of the judiciary in Democracy the third week.

“I’m really happy with the people we found. They’re all knowledgeable and articulate, but they are also easy to listen to,” Finch said. “Even the judge will speak to us person-to-person. I want it to be open to anybody of any thinking, and have them come and learn something.”

June 12 will be the last seminar, and will feature Democratic and Republican speakers.

“The task I gave them, Republican and Democrat, is to explain how their parties define or interpret democracy,” Finch said. “I gave them 15 to 20 minutes to do that which is going to be challenging. Their other assignment is to make it apolitical.”

The restaurant will be open for dinner, including their full menu and a dinner special. The seminars are free and open to the public.

“It’s lots of fun, and you get to hear interesting interpretations from people maybe you’ve never heard before,” Finch said. “It’s a very open atmosphere. People who live in America should be educated on how their government system works.”

88 Cups & More is located at 1663 Lucerne Street in the Minden Village. For more information, call 782-5484.