Deferred sentencing in barbershop break-in |

Deferred sentencing in barbershop break-in

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Sentencing was deferred Tuesday for a 19-year-old Gardnerville Ranchos man who admitted breaking into his father’s barbershop, and stealing cash and firearms to support his drug habit.

District Judge Tod Young ordered Seth Daniel Rogers to remain in Douglas County Jail until the drug court judge releases him from custody. Rogers must appear next Monday in drug court.

He ordered Rogers to pay $750 restitution.

Rogers father testified about the long struggle his son has had with drugs. He said he and his wife had counseled their son, and told him he could live at home, but three hours later, Rogers was burglarizing the Gardnerville barbershop.

His father said Rogers was welcome back in their home.

“The only way out of what he’s doing is a 180 percent change in his life through Jesus Christ. I believe he can do that. I have forgiven him,” he said.

Rogers admitted he had “a severe drug problem.” He told Young he had been using methamphetamine and heroin at the time of his arrest Jan. 17.

“What I did was horrible,” he said. “The last five or six weeks have helped me out a lot. I am very regretful. I am happy I got the chance to come here and be sober, or, most likely, I would be dead.”

Young said he wanted Rogers’ substance abuse evaluation to determine how he should be treated.

“You have a history of shining things on,” said Young, who represented Rogers as a juvenile. “You have a history of listening to mom and dad, and within hours, you are breaking into his shop and making them victims.”

Rogers thanked Young for the opportunity at drug court.

“The people in this room don’t dislike you but they distrust you,” Young said.