Defendant ordered into drug court |

Defendant ordered into drug court

by Sheila Gardner

A 20-year-old Gardnerville man was placed on probation Monday and given the opportunity to keep a felony off his record if he successfully completes drug treatment.

District Judge Michael Gibbons gave Kyle Jarboe a deferred sentence and placed him under the supervision of Western Regional Drug Court and Parole and Probation.

“There were a number of drug sales, there wasn’t anything that could be called minor about this case,” Gibbons said. “The easy answer would be to send him to prison, but I would like to see him turn his life around.”

Jarboe pleaded guilty in October to sale of a controlled substance and conspiracy to violate the Uniform Controlled Substances Act, both felonies.

He faced up to 11 years in prison and $30,000 in fines on both.

Jarboe admitted driving codefendant Gerald Elliott III to complete drug sales of marijuana, Ecstasy and hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Elliott, 19, was sentenced in November to five years in Nevada State Prison. A second codefendant, Sean Martin, 19, was sent to Western Regional Drug Court.

“I’d like to apologize to everybody that has to be here today,” Jarboe said. “I am working as hard as I can. I hope to go to school and become a productive part of society.”

Jarboe said he was working two jobs.

Gibbons said Jarboe could be supervised for up to three years if he is sentenced under the state’s “458” statute to defer sentencing while the defendant satisfies conditions for treatment.

“Do you realize your behavior put you on the edge of going to prison? You already went to China Spring (for juvenile offenders). Prison is not like China Spring. I don’t think you would do well there,” he said.

He ordered Jarboe to pay nearly $2,700 restitution.