Deer herd sightings in heart of the Ranchos |

Deer herd sightings in heart of the Ranchos

by Amy Roby
Amy Roby

About a year ago, I wrote a column about a small herd of deer that showed up in our back yard. My sons and I were enchanted by the sight of them meandering through the yard and foraging for apples underneath our tree.

They’ve returned several times since that first sighting, and it appears that the herd has grown.

Right after the holidays, we spotted a couple deer sniffing around for apples on the berm. A closer look revealed quite a few more just past the split rail fence looking into our neighbor’s yard. Several does lounged in the grass alongside yearlings that either rested beside them or stepped gingerly through the grass in search of goodies.

Amongst the other deer lay a sizable buck looking rather regally out over the landscape. While too far away to count the points, he did sport a rather impressive rack of antlers.

The deer settled in my neighbor’s yard and remained there for the rest of the afternoon. They left as silently as they arrived; I looked out toward the yard as the sun started to lower over the mountains and they had moved on.

Sightings of this herd are becoming more and more frequent. I’ve heard reports of them everywhere from the open field near the Methodist Church to recurring visits to Aspen Park. Some people have shared stories of finding deer droppings in their yards.

We’ll see if they choose to move on as time goes by. Knowing how fond they are of the apples in my yard, I may have to get creative when planning this year’s garden.

Super Bowl Saturday Tourney at the Golf Course

This very un-winter-like weather allows for some terrific golf playing opportunities. Carson Valley Golf Course hosts a Super Bowl Saturday Tournament on Saturday with a shotgun start at 10 a.m.

Teams will be drafted to represent the AFC and NFC; format is a two-person scramble. 50 percent of the field will be a winner and players of all levels are invited to participate.

The $35 entry fee covers the cart, green fees, $10 prize fund and a bowl of steaming soup.

Carson Valley Golf Course is located at 1027 Riverview Drive in the Gardnerville Ranchos. Call 265-3181 or log on to for more information.

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