December, January flooding season in Carson Valley |

December, January flooding season in Carson Valley

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Staff Reports

December and January are prime flooding times for Carson Valley, according to the Carson Water Subconservancy District.

Since the earliest settlements in the Carson River Basin, major flooding events have been recorded during the December-January timeframe.

Much of the Carson Valley is located within the 100-year floodplain and is subject to flooding. During the 1997 flood Carson Valley was so inundated that it was referred to as Carson Lake.

Ways to help keep families and homes safe include:

n Make a disaster kit that would include things such as: battery operated radio, flashlights, first aid kit, extra batteries, canned foods, bottled water plus supplies for livestock and pets. Make sure that all family members know where this kit is located;

n Never walk, ride a bike, or drive through rising flood waters (a foot of water can float a car);

n Keep neighborhood ditches and storm drains clear of debris;

n Use sandbags to protect your home from rising water;

n Tune into local emergency radio stations;

n Keep your car gas tank full in the event you need to evacuate.

For additional information, emergency contacts, and sand bag locations for the Carson River Watershed please visit the Carson Water Subconservancy District Web site at