Deadline is Dec. 31 for Genoa Post Office contest |

Deadline is Dec. 31 for Genoa Post Office contest

by Sharon Carter

Genoa Postmaster Emmy Dombrowski says she is looking forward to next Christmas when the Genoa Post Office will be in its new building.

“It’s already starting to look like the artist’s rendering on the wall,” Dombrowski says. “In September we started construction. Now we’re holding a contest to see who can come the closest to guessing our target move-in date. The deadline for contest entries is Dec. 31.”

And now that the new post office building at 2244 Foothill Road (the south end of Main Street) is framed in, she says, lots of people are guessing the building will be occupied sooner rather than later.

n Target date? Dombrowski will only say the target date is sometime in the spring.

“I’ll tell everyone the date after the contest is over,” she says. “What we’re happy about is that it’s going to be there for next Christmas. It’ll sure make it easier for both our customers and the postal workers. There will be lots of amenities we haven’t room for here – including stamp vending machines and tables to set packages on and to make it easier to fill out forms. Right now, with all the people coming in and no room, just mailing a few packages can be a real juggling act.”

Dombrowski says very few design changes have been made since the original artist’s rendering appeared in the Record-Courier last April.

And the prize for the winning entry?

“I haven’t completely decided,” Dombrowski says. “Our prizes are always postal-related, sometimes framed stamps or stamp art. I’m thinking the grand prize will be a nice credit line on our new product, the Liberty Cash Card. It’s a ‘smart’ card that requires a PIN (personal identification number) and is used to pay for postal services.

“And yes indeed, I’m prepared for multiple winners,” Dombrowski said.

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