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‘Deadbeat dad’ ordered to pay $20,000 in child support

by Sheila Gardner

A 30-year-old Gardnerville man, who missed two court appearances claiming he was stabbed by a mysterious assailant, was ordered Tuesday to pay nearly $20,000 in back child support, or face prison.

“Hey, Mr. Wright, you made it,” said District Judge Dave Gamble, as Joshua K. Wright appeared with his attorney, Kris Brown.

His sentencing was continued June 26 after Brown said Wright claimed he was stabbed the night before outside his grandparents’ home in East Valley.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office reported the wounds were self-inflicted, and nonlife-threatening.

Wright failed to appear at a hearing in April after he said he was attacked in a rest room at Aspen Park and suffered a broken hand and an elbow.

“Where have you been?” Gamble asked.

“I was stabbed in front of my grandparents’ house,” Wright said, sticking with his story.

“Why are people running around town wanting to stab you?” Gamble asked.

“I made enemies, we’ll say,” Wright said. “It’s coming back around.”

Gamble dismissed Wright’s explanation.

“It sound stupid,” Gamble said. “Our whole aim is to get you to pay child support. It’s hard to get a felony for this. You have to be such a flake as to get through the whole civil process to this point. You’re a scofflaw.”

Wright said he has five children, ages 3 through 12.

He owes $19,913.94 in back support for two of the children, and pleaded guilty to felony-level failure to support or maintain a child.

Gamble sentenced Wright to 36 months in prison, suspended and placed him on five years probation.

He ordered Wright to pay $563 a month.

Wright must abstain from drugs and alcohol and undergo mental health and substance abuse evaluations.

Wright also is forbidden to have contact with a woman who is the alleged victim in a separate allegation of domestic battery and violation of a temporary protective order.

He is to appear in East Fork Justice Court on Wednesday on that charge.

“I have a little difficulty believing you’re going to stay with anything,” Gamble said. “If you don’t pay this child support – every stinking cent – you’re going to prison. I hope I don’t see you again. If you do come back, I will have to send you to prison, and I will want to.”