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DCSO investigates grafitti

by Merrie Leininger

Douglas County Sheriff’s investigators are seeking information about three recent graffiti incidents with racial overtones.

Investigator Keith Logan is in charge of the investigation and is determined to find out who is causing it.

“A lot of people in the community are really upset. I just want to ask anybody with information to contact my office as soon as possible. I want it to stop,” he said.

Secret Witness is also offering a reward of up to $250 for information leading to the arrest of suspects in at least one of the incidents.

On Aug. 31, graffiti was discovered on a newly-built fence in the Silver Ranch subdivision in Gardnerville.

Logan said he has received no calls to Secret Witness.

He said he believes the suspect or suspects to be teen-agers who are not necessarily part of a gang, but definitely subscribe to the viewpoint of white supremacists. The graffiti expressed racist views against Native Americans and African Americans.

The two other incidents were discovered Sept. 6. One was discovered behind Smith’s grocery store in Gardnerville and the second was a swastika spray-painted onto a sign in front of the Carson Valley United Methodist Church on Centerville Lane, also in Gardnerville.

“They all seem to be related. They happened in a short period of time, and before that, we haven’t had anything,” he said.

Pastor Pete Nelson of the Methodist church said the vandalized sign that held the church’s hours has already been removed. He doesn’t believe anyone in the church was the focus of the graffiti.

“The United Methodist Church teaches tolerance and grace and we’re not afraid of standing up for that. We and other churches have always been a target for those who like to hate,” Nelson said.

He said the church has not received any other hate messages in the recent past.

“I believe we were a target of opportunity. We are right on Centerville Lane,” he said.

He also said, while the graffiti is disturbing, it is to be expected in a growing community.

“It is going to come with more folks. It is disturbing to think folks just don’t know how to love; don’t know how to accept each other. It’s to bad. It’s such an easy thing,” Nelson said.

Anyone with information is urged to call secret witness at 78-CRIME or Logan at 782-9908.