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DCSO conducts prom night underage alcohol sting

by Sgt. Pat Brooks
Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

In a continuing effort to stem teenage alcohol use, officers of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office recently conducted an alcohol compliance check with numerous businesses within the community.

This compliance check targets businesses, including bars and restaurants, who sell alcohol to minors under 21. The operation was conducted on April 27-28 between the hours of 4 p.m.-2 a.m., in conjunction with the Douglas High School prom.

Four juveniles working with the officers contacted businesses within Douglas County. The juveniles — ages 14-16 — would entered a businesses and attempted to purchase alcohol, with money provided by a deputy.

If the clerk asked the juvenile their age, the juvenile was directed to answer “21.” If the clerk asked for identification, the juvenile was directed to provide the clerk with an obvious false identification, also provided to them by a deputy. If the clerk asked if the identification belonged to them, the juvenile was instructed to answer “yes.”

However, if the clerk asked the juvenile any questions, such as their name, their birth date, or address, the juvenile was directed to answer honestly and was forbidden to lie.

If the clerk refused the sale, the juvenile was directed to immediately leave the store.

If the clerk approved the sale of alcohol to the minor, the juvenile was directed to, after the exchange of money, exit the store with the alcohol and immediately turn the alcohol over to myself or another officer working this detail, or in the case of restaurants, to leave the alcohol on the table. The juveniles were forbidden to consume any alcohol during the course of this detail and were forbidden to, in any way, attempt to convince or distract the clerk during the attempted purchase of the alcohol. The juvenile followed these rules during this operation with no deviation.

Also during this operation, at the direction of a deputy, one of the juveniles approached random Douglas residents, telling them they were not old enough to purchase alcohol legally, and asked the citizen to purchase alcohol for them. If the citizen agreed, the juvenile would provide the citizen with money, given to the juvenile by a deputy. If the citizen purchased the alcohol, the juvenile would take possession of it, until such time as they were contacted by a law enforcement officer working this detail. Any alcohol purchased by citizens was returned to the store for a refund.

During this operation, 27 businesses within Douglas County were checked. Twenty-three of the businesses were in compliance and refused to sell the alcohol to the underage minors. Four businesses sold alcohol to the minors and were cited under NRS 202.055 (Sale/Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor).

Businesses that had refused to sell to minors were: Rite-Aid, J & M Liquor/Minden, J & M Liquor/Gardnerville, J & M Liquor/North County, Langley Liquor, Carson Country Market, Kingsbury 7-11, Lampe Chevron, AM/PM North, Walgreens, Safeway, Silver Strike, Moose & Squirrel, French Bar, NV Ugly, Buckaroo’s, Sharkey’s Casino, All Star Bar, Corner Bar, Chili’s, JT Bar, Ham Dogs, Full Belly Deli.

The businesses that failed the compliance check, sold to the minors, and were cited were; Johnson Lane Store, Lucky Discount Liquor, Jethro’s and El Aguila Real.

Two residents were issued citations from shoulder taps.