Dayton man sent to prison for third burglary conviction |

Dayton man sent to prison for third burglary conviction

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A 34-year-old Dayton man was sentenced Tuesday to five years in Nevada state prison for his third felony burglary conviction.

District Judge Tod Young told defendant Steven Queen it was his responsibility to seek treatment for drug addiction in prison, and when he is released.

Queen’s lawyer, Jamie Henry, had requested Young order Queen into treatment upon his release, but the judge said he lacked the authority.

Henry said despite her client’s record, all he could talk about since his arrest for the latest offense was his “deep desire” to get help.

“He wants to try and make something of himself this time,” Henry said.

Queen had been out of prison for 16 months when he committed his latest offense, taking items from three stores between December 2012 and April.

Young ordered him to pay $1,090.94 restitution upon his release.

“I know in my heart I am ready to change,” Queen said.

Young said Queen’s comment that he never had been offered rehabilitation was “fairly disingenuous.”

“Every day the sun comes up, you get to start over,” Young said. “You get ‘offered rehab.’”

He told Queen that he was capable of seeking help on his own, and that most states offered free rehabilitation for indigent clients, but the defendant would have to seek it out.

He sentenced Queen to 24-60 months in Nevada state prison.

■ Probation was reinstated Thursday for a 38-year-old Indian Hills woman who admitted selling methamphetamine in her neighborhood.

District Judge Tod Young told Paula Olvera if she fails to complete court-ordered inpatient treatment, or participate in mental health and substance abuse programs, he will send her to prison.

Olvera admitted several probation violations including use of methamphetamine, and failure to report to her officer.

Olvera’s lawyer, Erik Johnson, said his client had difficulty obtaining medication after she was cleared for a program, and didn’t go back.

She was sentenced to probation in May 2012 after pleading guilty to sales of a controlled substance. Olvera admitted five transactions with methamphetamine involving a confidential informant from Sept. 29-Oct. 25, 2011.

She was sentenced to 30 months in prison, suspended, and placed on probation for three years.

Olvera’s lawyer said his client hoped to be admitted to mental health court in Carson City. Young ordered her to complete residential treatment of at least 28 days before she is released from custody and placed in a program.

■ A Topaz Ranch Estates man, accused of attempted murder, is to appear Aug. 21 in East Fork Justice Court, after a judge approved his request for funding for resources to aid in his defense.

Gary Wesley Wilson, 44, is charged with attempted murder with use of a deadly weapon in the July 11 shooting of an acquaintance who suffered a superficial shoulder wound.

The charge carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison upon conviction. Wilson is in Douglas County Jail on $250,000 bail.

Wilson’s lawyer, Jamie Henry, requested the funding, and also asked District Court Judge Tod Young to order evidence preserved in the victim’s vehicle.

Wilson is accused of shooting the victim with a .22-caliber rifle loaded with birdshot as the man sat in his vehicle, and attempted to drive away.

According to reports, Wilson and the victim had both been in a dating relationship with another woman.

Reports indicate the suspect broke the windows out of the victim’s vehicle, and fired at him nine times.

The victim had injuries to his left shoulder and the back of his neck. Authorities recovered the weapon which was a Henry lever-action .22-caliber rifle. Wilson turned himself in July 12 after a 26-hour search by law enforcement personnel.

District Attorney Mark Jackson told the court that experts from the Washoe County crime lab were examining the vehicle on Wednesday which is being held in the Douglas County evidence garage.

Jackson said he had no objection to Henry’s request, and Young ordered the evidence preserved.

The case was remanded to justice court for preliminary hearing.