CVI jumps into 26th birthday celebration with Flying Elvi |

CVI jumps into 26th birthday celebration with Flying Elvi

Thousands of faces turned skyward in Minden on Monday evening to watch 10 men in white jumpsuits and black molded pompadours dive out of an airplane and land in the Carson Valley Inn’s parking lot.

The action was visible in hundreds of smart phones that lit up the darkening venue as the Flying Elvi landed in Minden to mark the Carson Valley Inn’s 26th birthday.

Flying in at 40-50 mph, as first one group of five and then the second soared into the parking lot, some coming in fast, others manipulating their parachutes to hover over the crowd while their teammates gathered their gear.

Members of the crowd held their breath as some of the skydiving Elvi swooped in over the parking lot and then came to a sudden stop, floating in for a landing.

The show started around 8 p.m. After packing up their chutes, the Elvi stopped for pictures with residents and then did a brief show in the parking lot before going into the casino’s new Cabaret Lounge.

The first anniversary celebration under the Carson Valley Inn’s new owners continues today.

There will be free champagne and cake 2-3 p.m. and again 7-8 p.m. and drawings for free helicopter rides for using Inn Club card to qualify. There will be cash drawings at 6 and 8 p.m.

Mike Pegram and his partners purchased the Carson Valley Inn in early January 2010 and the property immediately underwent an extensive casino remodeling.

“A new state-of-the-art air-handling system has greatly improved the air quality in the casino,” Sales Director Bill Henderson said in a prepared statement. “New carpeting, improved lighting, new ceiling and wall treatments and a tiled pathway to the restaurants have combined to enliven the casino. The latest technology in slots and videos includes the most popular themes offered by the major slot manufacturers. The new Cabaret, Sports Book and Casino Bar area is more open and inviting. Live entertainment is presented seven nights a week and 28 HD televisions plus a large projection HD screen provide plenty of sports action.”

Henderson said additional completed projects include consolidating many of the departments into new office areas and a 2,700 square foot addition behind Katie’s with warehouse space, laundry facilities, additional refrigeration and receiving docks.