Crosswalk work in Gardnerville underway |

Crosswalk work in Gardnerville underway

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High School Street in Gardnerville is dug up for installation of drainage pipes and new crosswalk signs.
Kurt Hildebrand

Work is underway on new crosswalks across Highway 395 at Mill and High School streets, which should help make crossing the busy highway safer for Carson Valley Middle School students.

“These improvements will significantly upgrade the safety for all pedestrians wishing to cross the highway,” said Town Manager Erik Nilssen. “The Gardnerville Town Board has been consistent in their support for this project and we are glad to finally see it started. NDOT has been very supportive in helping the Town navigate all the federal requirements and securing additional federal funds to see the project completed.”

MKD Construction Inc. will start construction n the new American with Disabilities Act compliant crosswalks and improved lighting in Gardnerville.

The lighting improvements, called rapid flashing beacons, will be similar to the improvements at the AM/PM at the north end of Minden. As pedestrians approach the beacons they will initiate the flashing lights by activating a push button. The flashing lights will better alert motorists of the pedestrian’s desire to cross the highway.

Construction will cost $594,631 with roughly 95 percent of the cost being paid for by a federal grant obtained through the Nevada Department of Transportation. Gardnerville is responsible for 5 percent of the construction cost as well as the cost for materials testing, design, permitting, and any change orders to the project during construction.

The project will also replace storm drain pipe which has outlived its design life and is need of replacement. The project calls for 37 days total of construction time, although there may be pauses in work as some components of the project must be manufactured and shipped to the job site.

The Town has been working with the state for more than seven years on the installations of the crosswalk lights. The project originally contained two additional intersections; Mission Street and Kingslane. The Town was unsuccessful in obtaining the necessary easements at Mission Street. The light at Kingslane has been moved to a separate project which is currently going through the permitting process.