Crosswalk project at crossroads |

Crosswalk project at crossroads

A pedestrian uses the crosswalk at Mill Street and Highway 395 on Wednesday. While there is a flashing school zone sign at the location, that's only when Carson Valley Middle School is open.
Kurt Hildebrand

It has taken so long to improve the safety of crossing Highway 395 through Gardnerville that the state is on a third kind of flashing lights that could be installed to warn motorists pedestrians are in the highway.

Gardnerville Town Manager Tom Dallaire said the effort to correct four crosswalks had been in progress since 2008.

The town is working with the Nevada Department of Transportation to install improved crosswalks at Kings Lane, Mission, High School and Mill streets.

In December, the Federal Highway Administration prohibited the installation of new pedestrian-activated rapid-flashing beacons.

Examples of the old beacons can be seen in Minden along Highway 395 at Fourth Street and the AM/PM Mini Market. The old lights don’t have to be removed but new ones can’t be installed.

The crosswalk improvements have been approved since spring 2015 with the state supplying $378,316 and the town paying $17,316.

Dallaire said state transportation officials said the town is seeking too much right of way for construction easements.

“Each of the four sites vary in conditions,” he said. But the Mill and High School street storm drain irrigation boxes to manholes and ramps need to be redone prior to the state coming through with the reconstruction project.

Because of the changes sought by the state, the town will have to redo its information and change out the signs for a different model.

The good news is that the new signs, which have lights that flash around the edge of the sign, are slightly cheaper than the others.

Complicating matters is work at the entrance to Kings Lane that has ballooned from $83,800 to $374,000.

Dallaire said the original work was to improve the curb, gutter sidewalk and a channel along the slough to the existing culverts.

“It was determined in the meeting with NDOT we needed to add the box culvert under Kings Lane, then add streetlights and a new NV Energy meter for the streetlights … and the Kings Lane crosswalk enhancements.”

The town’s staff decided to improve the diversion box for the ditch to manage flows during a flood.

Dallaire said the state would only pay the original $70,000 for the improvements.

He told Gardnerville Town Board members the state may be planning to reconstruct Highway 395 from First Street in Minden to Waterloo Lane in 2020.

On Tuesday night, town board members asked Dallaire to work out a list of options to determine how much each would cost.

Options Dallaire presented on Tuesday included reducing the Kingslane project until it was within financial reach, saving money to get the whole project done or doing what the town can and leaving the rest for the state in two years.