Creativity fills Safety Street |

Creativity fills Safety Street

8-year-old Jaelynn Smith does the “Robot” in her homemade costume at Safe Street on Monday.
Sarah Drinkwine |

The usual multitude of superheroes, princesses, little ghouls and monsters trick or treated at the CVIC Hall Safety Street event Monday, but creativity and individuality stood out amongst a few trick or treaters.

Ten-year-old Kayla Mcghee and 8-year-old Jaelynn Smith thought outside of the usual costume attires and decided to make their own.

Kayla said she and her friends were trying to come up with something different and fun for Halloween when the idea for a fish tank came to mind.

“We were looking stuff up online and we came across sea anemone and it reminded me of Dory,” said Kayla. “I decided I wanted to be Dory.”

Instead of grabbing a Dory outfit from a costume store though, Kayla thought outside of the box, or is it tank, and made her own attire.

Kayla wore a fish tank made out of a cardboard box with an under the sea theme complete with sea creatures, anemone and the characters from “Finding Dory.” To complete the outfit, she wore a blue tutu and shirt with Dory on the front, as if she was both the water and the main character of her outfit.

Jaelynn made a robot costume out of an old wipe box as the head, hospital glove boxes for the feet, and an old shoe rack as the body.

“I was going to throw the shoe rack away, when she said she wanted to use it for her costume,” said Jaelynn’s mother, Crystal Smith.

Jaelynn collected items for her costume everywhere she went and said the best part was putting it together.

“It was fun to collect the stuff for it and to put it all together and seeing it when it was done,” said Jaelynn.

Crystal said Jaelynn designed and put together the costume all on her own, except for when it came to spray-painting it silver, she helped with that part.

It was obvious that the girls had fun simply making their costumes and enjoyed wearing and showing off their creations.

“She was so excited when she had it all complete,” said Crystal.

Not only was the creativity a unique addition to the event, but also families seemed to enjoy dressing up together with their own themes such as a SWAT team family, Disney characters, a family of pirates and more.

A passerby said she enjoyed coming to Safe Street because people have fun here. It’s easier to mingle with friends and family and to see what costumes people come up with.