Coventry Cross forms Care Committee |

Coventry Cross forms Care Committee

Staff Reports

Coventry Cross Episcopal Church has formed a Creation Care Committee with the goal of acting as stewards of God’s planet by undertaking projects that respect the environment.

Anyone with a passion for nurturing the health of our planet is welcome to attend Creation Care Committee meetings, which take place at varying Sundays throughout the month following the 10 a.m. service at Coventry Cross, 1631 Esmeralda Place, Minden.

The Creation Care Committee may undertake projects that promote sustainable use of our planet’s resources. These projects may include:

■ Creating a sustainable, wildlife-friendly garden outside Coventry Cross church and having it become a National Wildlife Federation Certified Habitat.

■ Advocating for the environment by speaking to state and local legislators, lobbying to shape proposed legislation impacting our environment, and writing articles for church news.

■ Participating in community recycling projects.

■ Involvement in Earth Day and Arbor Day activities.

“We revere the earth as a sacred part of God’s overall creation,” said Joy Curtis, one of the founding members of the committee. “The Creation Care Committee is a way for our church members and the community at large—regardless of political party or creed—to promote our collective responsibility as stewards of our God-given home, planet earth.”

Coventry Cross is itself is noteworthy because of its history. Coventry Cross is named for the rose granite cross over the altar, which the Dean of Coventry Cathedral in England gave to the Episcopal Church of Nevada before World War II. The cross had resided for five centuries on Coventry Cathedral. If it had not been gifted to the Nevada Church it would have been destroyed with the church when it was bombed during World War II.

For information about Creation Care Committee meeting dates, call 775-782-4161.