Court date set for county official |

Court date set for county official

by Christy Chalmers

Douglas County Community Development Director Bob Nunes will continue to work while awaiting a Sept. 22 court hearing on an allegation that he violated a temporary restraining order obtained by his wife.

Nunes, 54, was arrested Monday evening at the couple’s residence on Lena Lane east of Gardnerville. A sheriff’s report says Nunes acknowledged he was violating a Sept. 1 court order that requires him to stay 100 yards away from the residence and Douglas High School, where his wife works. He was arrested without incident and booked into the jail, then released on $1,000 bail.

Nunes did not return phone calls seeking comment Tuesday.

Nunes remains on duty as community development director, but County Commission Chairman Jacques Etchegoyhen relieved him of his duty as acting county manager and appointed Comptroller Claudette Springmeyer. Nunes had been acting as county manager for full-time manager Dan Holler, who is vacationing in Latvia until Sept. 22.

The county commission has scheduled an emergency hearing on the situation during the board’s meeting Thursday in Stateline. Etchegoyhen said the discussion likely will not involve Nunes, focusing instead on Etchegoyhen’s decision to appoint Springmeyer.

“Dan left a memo saying if something should come up, Claudette would be next in line, and I’m sure glad he did,” said Etchegoyhen. “It seemed appropriate that we took that action because it takes Bob out of the firing line. Being county manager is sort of a lightning rod, and it seemed he didn’t need that added stress.”

Etchegoyhen said the commission doesn’t have authority to take other action concerning Nunes’ work status because he answers to the county manager – now Springmeyer.

“This is a private matter, and I am unaware that it’s had any effect on his performance whatsoever,” said Etchegoyhen. “His job performance has been outstanding, and I don’t see this as having an effect.”

Business as usual. Springmeyer said she anticipates “business as usual” until Holler returns, and Nunes will continue working.

East Fork Justice Court records say Sandra Nunes obtained a temporary restraining order Sept. 1, explaining concerns about Bob Nunes’ reaction to an impending divorce.

“I’m frightened that when he comes home and sees the paperwork, he will verbally and/or physically harm myself or the animals,” she wrote.

Restraining orders prohibit their subjects from contacting the applicant in any way and are typically used by domestic violence victims. The maximum penalty for violating the orders is six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

In her request for an order, Sandra Nunes also cited two other instances, during which Bob Nunes allegedly handled guns. One occurred in July, she said, while she was visiting with a friend outside the couple’s home. She said Bob Nunes became “agitated.

“He had his loaded rifle in his hand and was brandishing it…I felt threatened and intimidated and left the property for the night.”

Bob Nunes refuted that accusation in a Sept. 3 statement asking for a hearing on the temporary restraining order. He said he was not holding a gun and did not have one in the immediate area. He also denied telling Sandra Nunes he would not allow a divorce.

Effective until Oct. 2. The temporary restraining order, effective until Oct. 2, allows Bob Nunes access to the couple’s Lena Lane address Sept. 11-12 and 25-26. According to the sheriff’s report, Bob Nunes had been at the property during the permitted times Saturday and Sunday and told Sandra Nunes he would return Monday. She called the sheriff’s office. He was arrested shortly before 6 p.m.

Bob Nunes has worked for the county since October 1993. He oversees the county planning, building, engineering, code enforcement, road maintenance and water treatment departments, earning $80,500 a year.