County won’t prosecute Nunes |

County won’t prosecute Nunes

by Sheila Gardner

Criminal charges won’t be filed against Community Development Director Bob Nunes who was arrested earlier this week for violating a temporary restraining order secured by his wife.

District Attorney Scott Doyle said Thursday a misdemeanor charge will not be filed against Nunes, 54, who paid $1,000 cash bail after his arrest Monday night. He was picked up by deputies after his wife, Sandra Nunes, reported he was on their property in violation of the court order which restricted his visits.

“The sheriff’s report reflects as how he was in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Doyle said. “He violated the terms, and acknowledged that violation. There was no verbal argument with deputies or violent behavior. In a situation like that, if there were some other behavior – stalking or threats – we would be filing criminal charges.”

Before making the decision not to file the charges, Doyle said he reviewed several other similar cases to make sure his office was acting consistently. Nunes was to appear in East Fork Justice Court on Sept. 22, but the court date has been vacated.

“There was no special treatment given here,” Doyle said.

At the County Commission meeting Thursday, Nunes read a brief statement saying that the matter had been resolved and the incident was behind him.

“I have been firmly committed to this job, and to this community for the past six years. I have invested tremendous amounts of energy, commitment and professionalism into making the Community Development Department and county government the absolute best it can be for the citizens of Douglas County,” Nunes said.

He assured the board that he would continue “to give the same 110 percent level of enthusiasm, energy and commitment to this job that I have for the past six years.”

Nunes received affirmation from the board, including Commissioner Kelly Kite who said, “I never doubted that from the beginning.”

The court order requires that Nunes stay 100 yards from the couple’s residence on Lena Lane east of Gardnerville and Douglas High School where Sandra Nunes works.

East Fork Justice Court records say Sandra Nunes obtained the temporary restraining order Sept. 1, expressing concern about her husband’s reaction to an impending divorce.

Nunes has denied his wife’s allegations.

Following the incident Monday, Nunes was relieved of additional duties as acting county manager while Dan Holler is on vacation until Sept. 22. Comptroller Claudette Springmeyer was appointed acting county manager until Holler’s return.

Nunes has worked for Douglas County since October 1993. He oversees the county planning, building, engineering, code enforcement, road maintenance and water treatment departments, earning $80,500 a year.