Douglas County unleashes hounds to build dog park |

Douglas County unleashes hounds to build dog park

Dogs and their owners could have their own park in the North Valley by this fall.

Douglas County Parks & Recreation commissioners met Monday night at the Johnson Lane Volunteer Fire Station with about 80 residents.

The county has raised $200,000 from the residential construction tax raised specifically for neighborhood parks.

Parks commissioners directed staff to put together conceptual plans and a cost estimate to create a single multi-use dog park, rather one that segregates dogs by size.

Community Services Director Scott Morgan said the main dog area will be natural grass and traditional dog park elements including a water and dog weigh stations and seating.

A conceptual plan will be developed over the next two months with a cost estimate.

Built in the early 1990s using residential construction tax, the park is on a five-acre site, with a two-acre softball-baseball-soccer field, an outdoor basketball court, restrooms, a picnic shelter and play area.

A dog park was first suggested when $1 million for the park was released after it was removed from federal flood maps in 2015.

Tennis courts were added when the park was renovated in 2016, but the dog park was put on hold.

The park is located north of Stephanie Way next door to the Johnson Lane Volunteer Fire Station.