County takes first look at new districts |

County takes first look at new districts

On Thursday, Douglas County commissioners will get a look at their new districts.

District boundaries were redrawn in light of the census to balance out the five districts in which each commissioner must live in order to seek office.

Clerk Treasurer Ted Thran said the adjustment was relatively easy, once officials learned that they didn’t have to worry about the county being split between two larger districts.

“We finished redistricting by moving two simple lines,” Thran said.

During the last decade, population increases focused in northern and eastern Douglas County, while Lake Tahoe experienced negative growth.

With an official population of 46,997 people, the ideal population for each district was 9,399, according to Thran’s report to commissioners.

In order to achieve that number, Precinct 18 was moved out of District 3 and divided between Districts 1 and 2.

Precinct 13 was moved from District 5 to District 4, and cut by 400 residents. Those residents were moved to Precinct 6.

County commissioners will hear a presentation on the new boundaries on Thursday.

The new boundaries should be approved in time for election filing, March 5-16.

At least two county commissioners, Doug Johnson and Greg Lynn, have indicated they are running for re-election.

District 5 county commissioner Mike Olson holds the third seat up this term.

Douglas County commissioners meet 1:30 p.m. Thursday at the Tahoe Transportation Center in Stateline.

Under county code, commissioners must live in the district they represent, but they appear on all the districts’ ballots.