County recruiting ballot question writers |

County recruiting ballot question writers

Staff Reports

Douglas County is recruiting members of two committees to prepare arguments on the ballot questions already set to appear on the November ballot.

Questions for November include whether the county should increase the diesel fuel rate by a nickel. County gasoline purchasers already pay a nickel for the tax. The other question is the result of a successful petition drive to put Redevelopment Area No. 2 on the ballot.

Committee members will be asked to write arguments for and against the questions. It’s possible two other questions will also be on the ballot, including one for increasing the sales tax a quarter cent to preserve open space and the Park 2500 petition.

The deadline to apply for the diesel tax and RDA committees is 5 p.m. Monday.

Each committee will consist of three members, who serve without compensation. The term of office for each committee member commences upon appointment and expires upon the publication of the sample ballot.

Once selected, the committees will have two weeks to prepare their arguments for the ballot. They will then get to write a rebuttal to the other’s arguments.

Each committee shall submit their rebuttal arguments to the county clerk by July 23. The clerk will review the arguments and rebuttals submitted by the committees and reject any statements considered to be factually inaccurate, misleading, or libelous. The county clerk shall notify the committee in writing that the arguments were accepted or if any statements were rejected. To apply, visit or call 783-6095.