County preps for Grand Jury |

County preps for Grand Jury

by Amy Alonzo

County commissioners on Thursday are set to discuss funding for Douglas County’s third Grand Jury of the century.

The Ninth Judicial District Court requested $100,000 to fund the Grand Jury’s needs over the next year.

The funds will be used for costs incurred by the jury, including jury fees, supplies, investigative costs, attorney’s fees, travel expenses, court reporter fees, costs for transcribing documents requested by the jury and augmenting the county constable’s budget for security costs.

Among its duties, the Grand Jury will be tasked with investigating misconduct by public officers; the condition and management of the county jail; and matters affecting the health and welfare of the county.

The jury is required to submit an itemized list of expenses at least every three months.

Last May, District Attorney Mark Jackson said Douglas County Sewer Improvement District No. 1 should be investigated by a Grand Jury during a presentation to county commissioners. He accused the district of soliciting an ethics complaint against a county employee to make county commissioners approve a gravel pit in the East Valley.

The process for impaneling the Grand Jury began in August. The Douglas County Jury Commissioner was tasked with randomly selecting three groups of 50 people from the 2016 jury panel. Once 36 people interested in serving on the jury replied, the list was submitted to District Judge Tod Young so that the final panel could be selected.

The Grand Jury will consist of 17 members and 12 alternates.

The last Grand Jury report to be submitted in Douglas was in 2008. Nevada counties with fewer than 100,000 people are not required to call a Grand Jury every four years.

For more information, call 782-9820.