County OKs work on new Walley’s well |

County OKs work on new Walley’s well

While there’s plenty of water in Western Carson Valley, getting it into the West Valley water system will require $497,100 in work to find a new well near Walley’s Hot Springs.

Until 2013, the Walley’s well was a key producer for the system, but a failed fluoride test and deterioration ended up cutting production in the well in half.

“Essentially the well is failing,” Engineer Nick Charles told county commissioners. “If we lose the well, we won’t be able to meet state requirements.”

The contract approved by commissioners on Thursday includes drilling an exploratory well, and designing a new well.

The contract does not include building the new well or connecting it to the system.

Charles said that the well produces 200 gallons per minute, but that a new well should produce closer to 500-600 gallons per minute.

He said officials had hoped to be able to connect to Minden water through a pipeline between Jacks Valley and the tank above Montaña to serve the Clear Creek subdivision.

However, a delay in obtaining an easement across Washoe Tribal lands have prompted the county to move forward with the Walley’s well.

Charles said the county will drill the well as far from the Genoa Fault, whose scarp is visible from Foothill Road.

The well is also affected by the hot springs.

As the only well in the southern portion of the water system, Charles said rebuilding it is the most cost effective.

The current total pumping capacity for the water system is 1,040 gallons per minute, while maximum day demand reaches 1,060 gallons per minute.

Full build-out of the homes approved to be served by the system will require 2,000 gallons per minute.

There are 503 customers using the equivalent of 825 homes on the system now. Charles said there are 183 approved vacant parcels on the system, and 160 new parcels proposed, not counting an additional 400 parcels in the Clear Creek area.