County OKs $3.2 million Centerville bid |

County OKs $3.2 million Centerville bid

Work is expected to begin on Centerville Lane after a bid was awarded last week by the Regional Transportation Commission.
Kurt Hildebrand

Up to $3.6 million in roadwork will begin soon on Centerville Lane between Highway 88 and Foothill Road.

Douglas County’s Regional Transportation commissioners approved a $3.284 million bid by Sierra Nevada Construction for the work on the road.

The first step will be to fix several old drainage pipes that have backed up over the years, sending irrigation and floodwater over the road.

It hasn’t taken much rain to overwhelm the current drainage structures.

Because this has been a dry year, road engineers believe they’ll be able to begin work to repair the metal culverts, many of whose bottoms have rusted through.

Just fixing the culverts could cost up to $400,000.

Centerville has seen additional traffic since the installation of a roundabout on Highway 88 that made it safer for commuters to and front Lake Tahoe to cross the highway.

According to traffic counts on Centerville just east of Highway 88, there were 4,700 average daily trips in 2019, compared to 4,400 before the roundabout was installed in May 2018.

Residents have said they believe the roundabout has contributed to increased traffic on the road.

Transportation commissioners also approved transferring $625,000 from a project on Johnson Lane to cover the cost of construction engineering services. Construction administration on the project is estimated to cost $276,582.

County Traffic Engineer Jon Erb said the county still has to acquire easements for the Johnson Lane project, which won’t be bid until next year. Erb said that anything not used on Centerville will be shifted back to the Johnson Lane project.

Funding for the Centerville and Johnson Lane projects is coming out of a bond supported by the nickel gas tax. About $5 million remains of the original $12 million, which paid for work on Jacks Valley Road and Waterloo among other county routes.