County Manager talks taxes, road maintenance |

County Manager talks taxes, road maintenance

Staff Reports

Douglas County Manager Larry Werner participates in a question and answer forum online on The Record-Courier’s daily Running Commentary. Here are excerpts of the last forum from Wednesday:

Q: Pat asks who is responsible for the area between the sidewalk and block wall on Tillman. Is it the person who has property on the other side of the wall, GRID or the county? The strip of land has trees with broken branches, bushes that are overgrown and lots of weeds and trash. Pulling out of Kyndal is dangerous because the weeds are blocking the view.

A: Legally it is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner but if there is a sight issue, the county will send a road crew to check.

Q: Allan asks, when will code enforcement start making people in the Ranchos clean up their property. Fences are still down, yards are full of weeds and houses need painting.

A: Code Enforcement is complaint driven. If there is a specific address call Patrick Kieva at 782-6214.

Q: Our reading of the Sierra Country Estates water rates is that they just went down substantially. Is that true? Have they named a street after you?

A: Yes, the board of county commissions adopted the Carson Valley Water System rates, which are substantially less than the previous Sierra Country Estates rates. Nope – no streets named after any of us.

Q: Have you any word on how much the gas tax has brought in since it was approved?

A: We receive the money from the state either quarterly or bi-monthly and I have not seen the totals received to date.

Q: A proposal was made to use the gas tax to bond for improvements. When is that due before the county commission?

A: Yes, the concept of using bonds was approved by the Regional Transportation Commission and the board of county commissioners as part of the 5-Year Transportation Plan with the adoption of the FY2016/17 Budget. As the projects come forward, the county will sell bonds to pay for the projects.

Q: A plan to take over the functions of Douglas County Sewer Improvement District No. 1 is in the works. Do you have any word on the preferred alternative?

A: The district attorney will be asking the board of county commissioners to adopt an ordinance to dissolve the district at the Thursday meeting. If the ordinance is approved, the county will assume operational control of the district while we evaluate long-term options.

Q: Bruce B. would like to know when the new restrooms at Johnson Lane Park be installed, and why the old ones were torn down well before the new ones were installed?

A: I really don’t know the answer but I would suggest that Bruce contact Scott McCullough, Project Manager, at 782-9821.

Q: Tillman Road is in very bad shape. It is especially bad south off of Kimmerling to where the road dead ends. The last time any major work was done was 17 years ago. The road also needs storm drains installed. I wonder if this road can be turned over to G.R.I.D. They maintain their roads a whole lot better than the county.

A: I can’t argue with the concerns raised. While improvements to Tillman are in the County Capital Improvement Plan, we are having discussions with the Improvement Districts over road maintenance. Not a very definitive answer but we’re working on it.