County manager selection may wait until after election |

County manager selection may wait until after election

County Managers

James Nichols — September 2014-January 2016

Larry Werner* — April-September 2014

Steve Mokrohisky — July 2011-April 2014

T. Michael Brown — February 2008-July 2011

Dan Holler — July 1996-February 2008

Julio Avael — December 1993-July 1996

Bob Hadfield* — August 1993-December 1993

Richard Gruber — February 1990-July 1993

R. Bruce Adams — May 1986-November 1989

Bob Hadfield — September 1978-December 1985

Roland Adams — January 1974-June 1976

The search for a new county manager may have to wait until the results of the election are known.

County Commissioner Steve Thaler pointed out that three of the commission seats were up for election this year.

“There could be three new people here,” he said. Commission Chairman Doug Johnson is term-limited and not permitted to run for another term on the county commission.

Because of the large Republican majority in Douglas County, elections are often decided in the primary depending on who files for the office in March.

A county manager hired before the new board takes office on Jan. 1, 2017, might not have the support of the majority of the board.

Douglas County commissioners voted to ask retired Carson City Manager Larry Werner if he would be interested in a year contract to manage the county.

Werner served as Carson City manager for five years before retiring. He is a longtime Douglas County resident, who served as public works director during the early 1990s.

Commissioners capped the offer to Werner at County Manager Jim Nichols’ salary, which was $172,000 a year.

Deputy District Attorney Doug Ritchie said county officials plan to meet with Werner next week to see if he’s interested in the job.

The Record-Courier has attempted to contact Werner.

Nichols’ last day is Friday under an agreement approved by commissioners. He received six-months severance pay. He agreed to consult for the next three months without additional charge.

Douglas County has an assistant county manager, Christine Vuletich, who will be riding herd on the priority based budget process over the next four months.

Rather than have her also handle day-to-day management commissioners selected Community Development Director Mimi Moss as acting county manager until an interim county manager is in place.

Nichols is the ninth full-time Douglas County manager since the position was first created in 1974. He served the shortest time, with 16 months in the position. The second shortest period served by a county manager was Roland Adams, who lasted 18 months. That was about the same amount of time it took for the county to decide to try another county manager in the 1970s.

By far the longest serving county manager was Dan Holler, who lasted more than 11 years before taking a job as manager of Grass Valley, Calif.

Second longest was Bob Hadfield, who served for more than seven years. Hadfield also served as interim county manager for five months while the county sought Julio Avael.