County manager plans to donate raise |

County manager plans to donate raise

by Kurt Hildebrand

County Manager T. Michael Brown will donate his 3 percent merit raise to a charitable fund managed by the Partnership of Community Resources.

County commissioners voted to give Brown the raise at their regular meeting in Stateline on Thursday after approving his performance review.

Brown who was making $126,859 a year before the increase underwent his second review of the year.

He pledged the 4 percent raise he received back in January to help fund grants for county nonprofit groups.

This time he chose the Community Emergency Fund, which provided $10,000 to 65 households between 2008 and 2009. An average of $165 went to each household to help pay for utilities, rent assistance, insurance payments and even a veterinarian’s bill for a service animal.

According to a county spokeswoman, the fund had a balance of just $151 in it last month. It has no regular donors, she said.

County commissioners were asked to fill out evaluation forms about Brown’s performance.

In a memo to commissioners regarding his performance, Brown pointed out that the county is facing major challenges.

“The national, state and local economic downturn continues to take a large toll on our citizens, businesses and funding for important county services,” he said.

Brown was appointed county manager in September 2008, with a two-year contract and a $125,000 a year salary. His contract was extended until Sept. 30, 2012, last year.