County manager gets raise, bonus, rave reviews |

County manager gets raise, bonus, rave reviews

by Christy Chalmers, staff writer

The Douglas County commission may be asking a little much from County Manager Dan Holler.

The commissioners conducted Holler’s annual review Thursday. They gave him a 5 percent raise that will bring his salary to just over $91,000, and a $2,600 bonus, plus a critique.

“We’re a little bit concerned over some of the late hours he keeps up,” said Commissioner Kelly Kite. “We’d like him to delegate some of those late night hours.”

“We encouraged him to delegate more and slow the pace down a little, if that’s possible,” said Commissioner Steve Weissinger.

Holler has been Douglas County’s manager since 1996, when he was promoted from the position of fiscal officer.

He is well-known for his 80-hour work weeks, and the commissioners usually acknowledge it during his annual reviews.

County policies set yearly raises at a maximum of 5 percent. Bonuses of 3 percent of a current salary are also allowed. Holler got the same rewards in 1999.

Weissinger said the 5 percent raise brings Holler’s salary to $91,094, up from $86,756. The bonus is $2,602.

By comparison, Carson City Manager John Berkich makes $94,805 per year and was given an $8,750 bonus when his performance was reviewed in October. He previously earned $90,250.

Weissinger said the commission is pleased with Holler’s leadership and there was little debate about the raise and bonus.

“He’s earned it,” said Weissinger. “He’s got a great staff as far as his lieutenants and he does an outstanding job. He’s an exemplary example for the rest of the county employees.”

Holler previously worked in Southern California as a financial analyst and administrative aide.