County issues guidelines for parks |

County issues guidelines for parks

Staff Reports

Douglas County has issued guidelines for residents using its parks after receiving reports that skaters were congregating at the skate park in Gardnerville.

“At this point we don’t have any plans to close the skateboard park although it is a possibility,” Parks and Recreation Director Scott Morgan said. “We will be posting additional information regarding social distancing and the governor’s gathering restrictions.”

Residents are not supposed to gather in groups of more than 10, unless they are family members or regular contacts in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Tuesday, the number of skaters at the park was down to two or three at a time.

Douglas County Community Services offered the following guidelines to those using public parks, trails, and trailheads.


Do not congregate in the parking lot or in the park. Avoid groups and maintain six-foot social distancing.

■ If you are sick or suffer from high risk conditions stay at home.

■ If the park/facility looks busy leave and go to a different facility or return at a different time.

■ Try using the park or facility during off times. Early mornings and late afternoons are best

■ Parks and facilities are operating with minimal staff so please pack out all your trash.

■ Many restroom facilities are closed so remember to GO before you go.

■ Stay on marked trails.

■ Participate in activities with another person (6 feet apart) so you aren’t alone in an emergency.

■ Know your limits and plan your outdoor activity level accordingly.

■ Carry a basic first-aid kit with you.

■ Use protective gear where appropriate.

■ Be alert for slippery areas.

■ Don’t mix alcohol and outdoor recreation.

■ Sanitize and or wash your hands frequently.


■ Keep your dog on a leash.

■ Hike on wider trails or dirt roads.

■ Step to the side to allow others to pass on singletrack trails.

■ Don’t forget to smile and wave.

■ It is still OK to enjoy the great outdoors if smart about it.