County honors East Fork Fire District’s two Daves |

County honors East Fork Fire District’s two Daves

Deputy Chief Dave Fogerson and David William Fogerson Award winner Dave Thomas were honored on Thursday.
Douglas County photo

On Thursday, East Fork Deputy Chief Dave Fogerson received a proclamation recognizing his 18 years service to the district.

Fogerson’s voice shook with emotion as he accepted the proclamation.

“I’ve got no words,” he said. “This has been the best 31 years of my life.”

East Fork Fire District Board member Jacques Etchegoyhen said Fogerson’s skills were magical.

“I really appreciate what you did,” Etchegoyhen said. “You were kind of a creative problem solver.”

Douglas County Public Health Officer John Holman thanked Fogerson.

“Douglas County is better for your service,” he said.

East Fork Chief Tod Carlini said that Fogerson was a caring member of the district.

“The most important thing about Dave is how much he cares about the people in this community,” he said.

With the proclamation in hand, Fogerson turned around and presented an award that bore his own name to long time Douglas County volunteer Dave Thomas.

“This is kind of odd which makes it more memorable,” Fogerson said.

Thomas was the first recipient of The David William Fogerson Volunteer Service Award.

Thomas started out as a volunteer firefighter at Topaz Lake before he moved over to coordinate the county’s Community Emergency Response Team.

Fogerson credited Thomas with expanding the team’s role in placing public access portable defibrilators in many places.

“Dave Thomas was there every step of the way,” Fogerson said. “We have people alive today because those AEDs were used to help save a person’s life.”

Carlini said that both Fogerson and Thomas exceeded expectations every day.

“That’s what makes Douglas County so strong,” he said.