County, Genoa face search for managers |

County, Genoa face search for managers

Job announcements for one of the highest and one of the lowest paid of Douglas County’s public officials should open around the same time.

While the county restarts a search for its top slot, Genoans have begun work to find a new town manager.

Phil Ritger has taken the position of public works director with Douglas County.

Last week, Genoans reluctantly accepted his resignation effective Oct. 5.

They authorized Ritger to name a committee to work on the manager’s job description at their Sept. 5 meeting.

The Genoa Town Manager also serves as Candy Dance chairman.

“He has been nothing but an asset to this town and I really appreciate all of his good-willed efforts and especially the bottom line,” Town Chairman Tim DeTurk said. “He took a town close to bankruptcy and put us in a pleasant and secure position. We want to make sure whomever takes over this role focuses on that. We don’t want his good efforts to be wasted.”

Ritger is the fifth town manager since the position was established in 2001.

“In my tenure here I’ve seen about four town managers and he’s the best one I can recall,” senior board member Greg Pace said.

Genoa resident Bill Brooks suggested that the town consider contracting with someone to run Candy Dance, and then hire a part-time manager to run the town.

He said it might be a good idea to calculate how much time the manager expends on Candy Dance, which raises enough money to operate the town government.

County Manager Larry Werner’s last day was Aug. 31, which was the same day a panel of residents interviewed all 11 candidates for the top slot and recommended none of them.

Last week, county commissioners voted to change the description for the top county job to include a preference for public administration experience.

Douglas County Human Resources is modifying that description and hiring a search firm to supplement its hunt.

In order to avoid a repeat of the panel’s zero answer, commissioners also specified that a future panel select three names.