Plans to put Drayton through might have hit end of the road |

Plans to put Drayton through might have hit end of the road

Drayton Boulevard may never extend past Pleasantview.
Kurt Hildebrand

Saying $3 million seemed like a lot of money for not a lot of road, Regional Transportation commissioners recommended removing Drayton Boulevard from the county’s transportation plan.

Drayton between Pleasantview and the end of Rubio Way has been on the books since the approval of the surrounding subdivisions 16 years ago.

While the county owns the right-of-way, it only has $450,000 in the bank to build the road.

Douglas County road engineer Jon Erb said that one of the reasons the road is so expensive is because the county must build a concrete sound wall between the road and neighbors back fences.

He said he gets three or four calls a year from neighbors asking if Drayton is still in the plans. None of those callers seemed too enthusiastic about the road.

The road isn’t scheduled to be built at any point in the next decade, and wouldn’t improve traffic congestion, according to recent studies.

There are several development agreements with neighboring projects to build Drayton and the county has collected $450,000, which would have to be refunded should the county decide not to build the road.

A 10-year clock to build the road started ticking in July 2019 with the recording of the last final map for Pleastantview.

Erb said fully funding Drayton could end up taking money away from some other project on the five-year transportation plan.

There is still a question of what to do with the right-of-way should county commissioners decide to remove the road from the plan.

Erb said one possibility would be to convert it to a linear park.

Douglas County commissioners have the final say on whether they will continue to pursue construction of Drayton.