County continues 178-home project |

County continues 178-home project

A proposed project north of Sunridge will include up to 96 apartments, a spokesman told county commissioners on Thursday.

Commissioners continued discussion of the 178-home Valley Knolls project, saying they’d like to see the entire proposal go to planning commissioners before it returns.

Manhard Consultants Chris Baker said the developer plans to seek a master plan change from office commercial to multi-family.

Baker referred to the multi-family portion as a “row house.”

At one point the project was proposed for 300 homes, and with the additional multi-family would come pretty close.

Developer Keith Serpa was seeking variance that would allow a single large access to the project off of Sunridge.

According to Baker, the developer didn’t want to create a second access leading onto one of the neighboring projects until those were ready to be built.

“A secondary access has to be provided,” Commissioner Nancy McDermid said.

Commissioners Larry Walsh cited the green belt in the Gardnerville Ranchos as an example of why not to include it in the Valley Knolls plan.

“I think we need a park,” he said. “I’ve got a hang-up with the lack of secondary access. That does bother me.”

Walsh said that the multi-family residential should be included through the planning process.

Commissioner Barry Penzel said he thinks the project should be done, but not as presented on Thursday.

He said the developer should coordinate with the Indian Hills General Improvement District.

“Folks in the GID are right across the street,” he said. “Their facilities will have some impact and use, and it wasn’t even addressed.”

Much of the land north of Sunridge on the east side of Highway 395 is planned for some sort of development, including 101 acres to the north of Valley Knolls and the land to the west, where the former Riverwood commercial project was approved.

The development agreement approved a decade ago for that project was repealed by county commissioners on Thursday.

A casino with two towers was also approved for the area.