County construction projects on target |

County construction projects on target

by Merrie Leininger

The new year will see the completion of two of the county construction projects in the Valley.

The Douglas County Public Library’s expansion will be completed in April. The new section of the library will open about the first of May, Director Linda Deacy said.

Architect Jerry Cruitt updated the library board trustees last week and gave them a tour of the construction site. He said the project was running about 10 days behind, but he was not worried.

Deacy said new bookshelves will be delivered in April and set up after the carpet is installed.

“It’s going really well. The first couple of weeks when they were doing demolition work, that was very noisy, but this part is going along very well,” Deacy said.

She said the new section of the library is 3,800 square feet. The expanded lobby will include displays, used book sales and two handicap-accessible restrooms. The rest of the new area will include three staff offices and a reading room, Deacy said.

The total price of the expansion is $435,000.

The library is still working on obtaining land to expand its parking lot. Deacy said engineer Rob Anderson has drawn up the plans, but the owner of the land, which was originally intended for condos, lives out of the country and there have been problems contacting him. Deacy said the County Commission has approved spending up to $473,000 to buy the land and build the lot.

Deacy said the addition will mean more quiet space for research and studying and group studying can be conducted in the main part of the library.

“Everybody is really excited about it. Because we’re so small, when the high school gets out in the afternoon, even though they aren’t making a lot of noise, when you have a certain number of people in a small area, it does get loud. It will give space for the staff who are now sharing work space or working in closets. We will also shift the entire reference and Nevada sections into new areas, and spread out existing materials in the main library,” Deacy said.

– New toys at the pool. The additions and improvements to the Carson Valley Swim Center should be completed and ready for swimmers by early March, Director Kirk Chiapella said.

“We’re about on schedule. We had a completion date of the end of January, but now it’s about Valentine’s Day. Then, after the cement has been poured, it is three weeks until I can fill them (with water),” he said. “The slides are in and things are moving very quickly now. We had a problem with the roof, but that’s going on (Tuesday), and with the glass. There were some delays with supplies coming in. There is so much building going on in the country, it’s just ‘wait your turn’ especially for custom materials. Everyone we talk to seems to be real excited about it.”

He said swimmers will be able to play with all kinds of new toys. In addition to the two 180-foot water slides that travel outside and back into the building, Chiapella said they have “tumble buckets,” and a “teacup,” in the pool that is being remodeled. The toys pour and squirt water into the pool.

A pump room had to be built to handle the power necessary for those toys, he said.

In addition, the steel parts of the building had to be reinforced in order to protect them from damage caused by the slides, which will put extra moisture in the air, Chiapella said.

Swimmers who have experienced skin or eye irritations in the past should not after the new, larger filters and chemical controllers, which will clean the air, are in place, he said.

Chiapella said the whole project will be close to $2 million.

“It’s an extensive upgrade and additions, because we’re older and apparently it was designed for sea level, which makes a difference,” he said.