County commissioners OK Genoa housing |

County commissioners OK Genoa housing

by Aurora Sain

The board of county commissioners voted unanimously to approve an amendment to the master plan and zoning map amendment for a new Genoa property.

The property will be located at 420 Mountain Meadows Drive, and will feature 54 single-family homes.

The master plan amendment changes the area from commercial to single-family residential, and the zoning amendment changes the area from tourist commercial to single-family residential with an 8,000 square foot minimum net parcel size.

The previous housing density was 75 homes, but it faced opposition from nearby residents so they lowered the number to 54.

“We are willing reluctantly to accept that density,” said Ted Throndson, president of Genoa Lakes Resort HOA. “We believe this density is the lowest he will go.”

The commissioners all voted in favor of the project, with Nancy McDermid recused.

“The people who own the land should have the most say,” said commissioner Barry Penzel. “Buy the land if you don’t like it.”