County backs Genoa Lane fix |

County backs Genoa Lane fix

The intersection of Lucerne and Highway 395 doesn't qualify for a traffic signal, according to the state.
Kurt Hildebrand

Safety improvements to Genoa Lane at Highway 395 were prioritized on Thursday after county commissioners learned that the intersection at Lucerne won’t be getting a traffic light.

Nevada Department of Transportation representative Lee Bonner urged commissioners not to offer a fix, but to let the traffic engineers examine the issue.

“It gets tricky when you bring forward a solution,” Bonner said on Thursday. “It’s better for us to look at the problem and then identify the solution.”

He said the state will take another look at Lucerne once highways 395 and 88 are a four-way intersection, but that might not increase its chances.

Two proposals for Genoa Lane were presented to commissioners by Genoa Town Manager J.T. Chevallier.

The less expensive option is installing acceleration and deceleration lanes on Highway 395. Another option is moving the alignment of Genoa Lane north to line up with Airport Road.

According to Nevada Department of Transportation records, there have been 23 collisions at the intersection over the past decade.

Of those, 11 involved injuries and 12 were property damage.

Bonner said the intersection had a spike in 2018 with five crashes.

He said that while that’s an increase, there are many intersections in the state where there are hundreds over the course of a year.

Genoa resident Christine Knittel said the collision that set her on the path to seeking safer conditions at the intersection occurred in summer 2018.

While no one was injured in that collision, she said that she had her children in the car and is now terrified to use the intersection.

“A year later, my husband was involved in the same kind of accident,” she said. “I can’t tell you how thankful I am that this is being discussed and we’re actually talking about making some changes to the intersection.”

Bonner pointed out that the intersection does not qualify for a traffic signal under state standards.