County asking residents how they’d like info |

County asking residents how they’d like info

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Douglas County is reaching out to the community to learn more about how the county communicates with its residents about services, issues and during emergencies.

The 12-minute survey asks questions about how residents want to receive information, what resources are valuable and level of interest in local issues. The results of the survey will form the foundation for the county’s next communication plan.

“With such a diverse and vibrate community, it’s important for the county to hear from our residents about how they like to receive information from the County and the Sheriff’s Office,” said Melissa Blosser, public information officer and community relations manager, Douglas County Manager’s Office. “Our communications office is charged with keeping our residents informed, not only during emergency situations, but during all times of the year and to serve as a connector between the local government, public safety, and our community. The results from the survey will play an integral part in our outreach efforts from the County Manager’s Office going forward.”

Residents are encouraged to take the survey by visiting

For questions, contact the communications office at 775-782-9015.

Watch a short video for more information