Countdown to a new Waterloo |

Countdown to a new Waterloo

Like movie clapboards, the barricades stand near the intersection of Centerville and Waterloo lanes on Sunday. A freshly paved Waterloo will reopen next week, according to the county.
Kurt Hildebrand

Long one of the worst roads in Douglas County, a newly refurbished Waterloo Lane is due to reopen in a week.

Mail carrier Bob Trahey said he has been delivering to residents along the road that connects Highway 88 to Centerville Lane for quite a while now.

“I don’t know why it isn’t open,” he said. “It’s wider than it was. It’s fantastic.”

The roughly $2.5 million project required that the asphalt be stripped down to the base.

Work started in the first third of July, with the road closed to all but residents.

Granite Construction is the contractor on the project.

Because of the high water table, the existing road was pulverized into the base and cement-treated.

The Waterloo Lane route south of Gardnerville dates back to the 1880s.

A petition bearing 27 names was submitted to county commissioners in March 1888 to establish an east-west route through the lands of C.M. Henningsen, Chris Larson and others.

Throughout its history, Waterloo’s condition has been the topic of comment.

In the 1940s, a grand jury called the road “a disgrace to the county.”

Waterloo was rebuilt in 1949, requiring 15,000 yards of gravel to build up the grade and reduce mud conditions and paved two years later.

The county road projects are part of the five-year transportation plan, which was developed to meet the projected short-term transportation needs of Douglas County.

The goal of the plan is to provide a safe and efficient transportation system which facilitates vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic within the financial constraints of existing funding.