Corley project survives challenge |

Corley project survives challenge

Douglas County’s approval of a master plan change and specific plan on the north end of the Corley Ranch was found to be in compliance with the open meeting law, according to an opinion issued by the Nevada Attorney General’s Office earlier this month.

Jim Slade and Jeanne Shizuru filed complaints with the state about the public meeting held on March 3.

Slade’s complaint alleged three violations of the law, including that the agenda item “was not described in clear and complete detail,” that the item was drafted to create confusion, and that “the restrictions on public comment were unreasonable.”

In his June 2 letter to Slade, Senior Deputy Attorney General George Taylor said the agenda item, which contained two parts “was clear and complete on its face.”

At the meeting, Slade protested having the master plan and specific plan combined in the same item.

“A plain reading of the agenda item establishes that the board would deliberate and potentially take action on the proposed amendments to the master plan and the specific plan,” Taylor wrote in his opinion. The record evidences no confusion on the part of the public in attendance.”

Taylor said that in addition to taking public comment before and after the meeting in accordance with state law, there was also public comment before the item.

“The board strictly complied with the statutory requirements for public comment,” Taylor wrote. “The board was permitted to deliberate and take action on the proposed amendments to the master plan and the specific plan.”

Had the Attorney General’s Office determined there was a violation, the county would have been informed that the action taken could be void.

However, the state office would have had to bring a court case in order to enforce the law if the county disagreed with the opinion.

Commissioners approved a master plan change to the 130-acre project. The approved specific plan included 136 cottage homes, 42 active living units, and 60 ranch homes.

Thirty-five acres along Highway 395 where the main ranch house is located would remain. Access to the project would be from Pinenut Road.