Contract extended through 2003 by Merrie Leininger |

Contract extended through 2003 by Merrie Leininger

The Douglas County School Board extended Superintendent Pendery Clark's contract through the year 2003 after her yearly evaluation Wednesday morning.

Each member of the board fills out an evaluation and then goes over each form at the meeting. Clark said it was a positive meeting. She said she did not ask for an increase in salary.

“It went well. The board voted unanimously to extend my contract through 2003,” she said. “I did not ask for compensation. I don’t usually ask for a raise until we are all settled with the different employee groups.”

She said with the lack of any increases in the budget this year and next, she probably won’t ask for a raise unless the teachers negotiate a raise.

Last year Clark received a raise to her current salary of $92,611.

Board Vice President Cheri Johnson said the board agreed the superintendent is doing a good job for the district.

“It was a positive meeting and it’s always empowering to see seven people come to agreement on the right road,” she said.

School board member David Brady said he believes the district can make some improvements.

“All in all, her performance is meeting the board’s expectation and my expectations, but there are some areas we need to focus our attention on,” Brady said. “We have some leadership issues throughout the district.”

Brady said he thinks it is important to build a team of leaders who will “take us in to the next millennium,” he said.

“We should be working on improving employee morale. I would like to make the district the best place to work. It’s the people side of the business we need to do a lot better in because of poor labor relations and staff turnover.”

However, Brady said he was confident Clark would be able to lead the district through those improvements.