Consumers have ultimate power in the marketplace |

Consumers have ultimate power in the marketplace

R-C Editorial Board

We’re under no illusion that everyone will drop their bargain-mindedness and forego the mall fracas this Black Friday.

Part of living in a free society is having the option of patronizing one of many fine corporate warehouses chock-full of the latest technology soon to be obsolete.

It’s quite a sight to see customers in their winter hats winding around box stores in the early hours following Thanksgiving. While we all want the economy to rebound, and taxable sales to pick up dramatically, it’s hard to argue that the holiday spirit isn’t somehow cheapened by the dizzying free-for-all that is Black Friday.

We would rather see a thoughtful consumerism that doesn’t seek low prices for the sake of low prices, but rather the best price for the best product.

Carson Valley has a number of mom-and-pop stores that, despite all odds, continue to offer high-quality products and excellent customer service. A number of them also offer American-made goods.

While we understand the global marketplace is extremely competitive and challenging, we also understand the power of the consumer. Consumers themselves are capable of setting new trends and raising the bar.

It’s easy to complain about box stores, but it’s harder to make an effort to spend dollars elsewhere. It’s easy to complain about cheap imports, but it’s harder to pay those few extra bucks for a product made in America.

We believe thoughtful consumers have the ultimate power in the marketplace, not the government or even corporations. Thus we encourage our readers to help shape Carson Valley this holiday season by choosing the best stores to patronize.