Conservation easement will see home, bunkhouses |

Conservation easement will see home, bunkhouses

A single family home and ranch hand housing will be permitted on a parcel across Foothill Road from the Hickey Home ranch.

The property was subject to a cluster development in 1991 that was designed to keep 141.56 acres of land in agriculture.

At the time, a conservation easement was placed on the property in exchange for allowing eight homes on Laura Springs.

New owner Rock Morgan told commissioners that the conservation easement on the parcel doesn’t prohibit a home.

“It does not say anywhere that I can’t build a house,” he said. “It will help keep the property clean and in production. Our intent is to be able to maintain it for our family.”

He said that the Hickeys didn’t address the issue of a home because they had one across Foothill.

“He never asked for a house because he never thought he would ever need one,” Morgan said.

The original easement neither allows nor prohibits the home and employee housing on the property, community development staff members said.

The structures would be built in a five-acre area that is already home to outbuildings and corrals. No structures would be allowed on the 136.56 acres.

Neighbor Chris McKean opposed allowing Morgan to build on the site, asking what the point of the easement was.