Commissioners won’t tackle 3-dog rule |

Commissioners won’t tackle 3-dog rule

by Christy Chalmers, Staff Writer

Douglas County’s three-dog rule won’t be revamped right away.

The county commission denied a Johnson Lane woman’s request to raise the number of dogs allowed to four Thursday after deciding the county needs such “good neighbor” ordinances.

“Three dogs is a good-neighbor ordinance,” Commissioner Kelly Kite told Dorothy Weeks Foster. “If we get complaints, we need an ordinance we can enforce.”

Foster has four dogs and has been cited. She acknowledged her dogs bark, but said barking should be addressed separately from the number of dogs at an individual residence.

Valida McMichael, who lives near Topaz Lake, said the county should consider urban and rural areas and factor residential density into deciding the appropriate number of dogs a person can keep.

The commissioners indicated they might delve into that topic in the future when the county’s development codes and master plans are reviewed. For now, Foster and her husband, Rich, face the dilemma of choosing which dog goes to a new home.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do yet,” she said. “I’ve got a few calls out, and I called my vet to see if they could help find a home for one of them.

“It seems this is probably an issue that shouldn’t die,” she added. “We’re thinking maybe we could start some kind of a grassroots petition.”