Commissioners Lynn, Johnson bid farewell |

Commissioners Lynn, Johnson bid farewell

Greg Lynn at Thursday's Douglas County commissioners meeting.
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County commissioners Greg Lynn and Doug Johnson were feted on Thursday as their fellow commissioners said farewell at their last meeting in Minden.

Johnson is only the second county commissioner in Douglas County history to serve 12 full years and reach the term limit.

Lynn was defeated in the primary election.

“I’ve been fortunate to sit next to Greg,” Commissioner Steve Thaler said. “Greg has been a role model for me. I’m going to miss you. We don’t get to talk a lot, we sense a lot from each other, get into some great debates. Greg and I can disagree and still be good friends. He wins more than I do.”

Commissioner Nancy McDermid said that when she was running for office the first time, she knocked on Lynn’s door.

“‘I don’t need any of that stuff,’” she said he told her. “Because of the deep division in our community, I pledged not to take more than $300 from any individual or company. Greg gave me $299.”

McDermid said much of Lynn’s work has been behind the scenes.

“He does a lot of things in the community whether flood work, working with developers who have issues,” she said. “He’s always had what’s in the best interest of Douglas County, and that will definitely be missed.”

Commissioner Barry Penzel praised Lynn for going through every page of the agenda packet, which was 1,100 pages on Thursday.

“He starts on Sunday and knows every one of those pages in order to make an informed decision,” Penzel said. “He will be missed for the concise and often straightforward explanation of what he’s reading. Every day I’ve come to work to do this job I’ve enjoyed every minute of what he has to say.”

Lynn said that when he took office in 2008, he and chairman Doug Johnson were at opposite ends of the political spectrum in Douglas County.

“My learning curve was shortened by exposure to Doug,” he said. “There’s a reason he’s been chair for three years. He keeps meetings level and cool. You were a tremendous help for me on this board.”

McDermid suggested that if the Douglas County Lands Bill ever passes, it be named after Johnson.

“He’s always looking out for the residents of Douglas County, she said. “While weighing at the same time what’s in the best interest of county. Sometimes that’s not an easy decision. He has a caring heart that you hope that a decision maker has, along with understanding of what it takes to govern. I’m going to miss you. I thought 10 years ago I’d never say that.”

Johnson’s wife Janice attended what Johnson said was her first commission meeting in 12 years.

“It has been interesting and unexpected,” Johnson said. “it’s like a big dysfunctional family on this board. What a long strange trip it’s been.”