Commission OKs Sunridge lot size reduction |

Commission OKs Sunridge lot size reduction

by Sheila Gardner

Douglas County commissioners approved a request Thursday to reduce the lot sizes and increase density of Sunridge over the objections of some residents who said they were the victims of “planned deception” in paying premium prices for larger lots.

County commissioners voted 5-0 to grant the request, saying the planned unit development was well within the standards set by the county’s master plan regarding lot size,density and open space.

With commissioners’ approval, the minimum parcel size was reduced from 7,000 square feet to 5,000 square feet. The number of single family residential parcels is adjusted from 192 to 278.

The commissioners’ approval overrode a 3-3 planning commission tie which meant a denial of the request.

The change was recommended by county planning staff.

Attorney James Cavilia, representing developer Bill Wellman, assured the board this phase of the large North County development would be top quality despite the smaller lot sizes.

“We’re not seeking to allow building of cheap, affordable, low income housing on the golf course,” Cavilia said. “The developer has spent too much money on the golf course.”

Cavilia said the homes would be “stick built,” rather than modular or mobile in the gated community.

The homes will be 1,400 to 2,000 square feet, priced from $150,000 on up.

Resident Grady Goodwin told commissioners he believed the lots were sold under false pretenses.

“I believe this was a planned deception from 1994 to today,” Good win said. “I believe if county commissioners took a survey of residents you would find out we made our purchases based on information from (developer) Bill Wellman, real estate agents and the ‘Sunridge’ sales brochure. The citizens purchased in good faith. This deception of the developer will destroy our investment.”

Developer Wellman countered Goodwin’s claim.

“I can’t stand to hear I went around to deceive people who bought in Sunridge. Obviously, a good number of people are satisfied,” Wellman said. “Show me something we promised and we haven’t done.”