Commission may form citizens panel on redevelopment |

Commission may form citizens panel on redevelopment

Andy Bourelle

The Douglas County Redevelopment Agency – the Board of County Commissioners – may form a Citizens Advisory Panel to help with the first project.

At the joint meeting between the Douglas County Board of County Commissioners and Planning Commission Tuesday, Planning and Economic Development Manager John Doughty told the two boards the planning staff was looking for a consultant for the first location. He said the Redevelopment Agency will be asked at the Nov. 6 commission meeting to consider forming a Citizens Advisory Panel.

County commissioner Bernie Curtis questioned the necessity of the advisory panel, wanting to know why the Planning Commission couldn’t fill that role.

“Sometimes the more people you get, the less decisions get made,” Curtis said.

County Manager Dan Holler explained that all other redevelopment agencies in Nevada had Citizens Advisory Panels. He said the only reason the Nevada State Legislature didn’t make an advisory panel mandatory is because all the agencies already use them.

Holler gave examples of panels and committees which were helpful, such as the Senior Advisory Council and the Parks and Recreation Department.

Doughty recommended a seven-member panel, with one person coming from the Douglas County Planning staff. The group would be involved with the redevelopment agency in preparing a redevelopment plan, assisting and consulting the planning staff to evaluate the plan.

The Planning Commission’s role in redevelopment would be to look at the plan to make sure it is consistent with the Douglas County master plan.

Doughty said the consultant, when found, would do a blight study of the proposed area. He did not say where the location was, but said a project area map would be presented to the redevelopment agency at the Nov. 6 meeting. At that time, the agency would be asked to develop a course of action for the Citizens Advisory Panel.

The Citizens Advisory Panel would be formed only for the first redevelopment project and would be dissolved immediately after.