Commission hears DCSO report |

Commission hears DCSO report

Michael Schneider

Lt. Kathleen Tadich of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office patrol division, appeared before the County Commission Thursday to inform the commissioners of crime statistics in Douglas County.

Tadich said there were 3,116 citations written by the DCSO in 1996 and 1,769 arrests. She said that 36 percent of the time, deputies are able to dedicate to patrolw hen they are not answering calls or writing reports and are able to do proactive enforcement.

“We’ve seen a decrease in arrests, especially in the Tahoe area,” said Tadich, crediting the department’s cite and release program in effect in Stateline which helps not to overcrowd the jail with such offenders as under-age gamblers.

“Crime rates are declining in Douglas County,” said Tadich. “One reason is more education, and community policing allows officers to be problem solvers.”

Tadich said one area of crime that is always on the increase is domestic violence.

“Calls that are domestic but don’t involve domestic violence are increasing,” said Tadich. “We do respond to a lot more verbal-domestic calls that have not gotten to the violent stage.”

Commissioner Bernie Curtis, former undersheriff for Douglas County, asked Tadich if the DCSO planned to increase the number of citations issued from, what he figured to be, about 260 per month.

“Yes, we haven’t had a full compliment of officers at any shift this year,” said Tadich, listing an injury list for the sheriff’s deputie.

Sheriff Jerry Maple said the time officers spend doing proactive law enforcement is a good percentage.

“If you don’t have any patrol time then you’re doing nothing but reacting, answering call, after call, after call.”

This, said the sheriff, is not the case in Douglas County.