Comissioners have long agenda |

Comissioners have long agenda

by Sharon Carter

Projects needing master plan amendment zone changes and the requisite county housekeeping matters will likely keep Douglas County commissioners busy into the evening Thursday.

A new, $2.2-million general obligation bond to complete the second phase of the Kahle Park Community Center at Stateline is included in the Douglas County commission’s long (65 items) Thursday agenda.

The debt can be incurred by the commission without an election. However, its appearance on the agenda was contingent upon the passage of County Advisory Question One, (the quarter-cent sales tax) in the September primary election. The bond will pledge a portion of the room tax monies which will remain to the county after the Tahoe Douglas Visitor’s Authority Bill (AB 616) goes into effect next year.

Other items under consideration include:

n North County zone change. J.S. Devco and its owner, John Serpa, are asking for zone changes for six parcels totaling 83.6 acres to accommodate plans for a major commercial center at Jacks Valley Road and Highway 395. More than half of the property (49.6 acres) is currently zoned for apartments or condominiums. Some, 21.6 acres, is zoned for single family homes and the rest, 12.4 acres, is zoned for neighborhood commercial uses like convenience stores.

Serpa is asking that all but four-tenths of an acre be zoned for general commercial use and that the small plot be zoned for offices. A conceptual plan map shows Vista Grande Boulevard realigned along the eastern perimeter of the Valley Vista Estates subdivision to accommodate a “big box” store north of Jacks Valley Road and two more to the south of the road. All are west of Highway 395. The request has the support of the Douglas County Planning Commission.

n Heavenly Ski area expansion. Heavenly Ski Resort is requesting a zone change for the portions of two large parcels along Quaking Aspen Lane on the Nevada side of the Heavenly Ski Resort. The request is that seven acres which currently contains the site of Heavenly’s old Stage Coach Lodge, lift ticket sales and resort offices go from private recreation zoning to multi-family residential and commercial uses. Resort officials are also asking to change the zoning on another seven acres, at the hairpin turn of Quaking Aspen just off Tramway Drive, from Forest and Range zoning to Multi-family residential and open space. The company hopes to add more skier services, a kids activity center, a convention area, more retail outlets and parking and 120 condominiums.

Quaking Aspen Lane is considered a primary access to the Heavenly ski area.

The zone changes are recommended by the planning commission.

n Little Mondeaux zone change. Ronald L. Simek of the Little Mondeaux Corp. is asking the commission to consider shifting the zoning around on the 929 acres (10 parcels of various sizes) containing and adjacent to the Sierra Nevada Golf Course between Genoa and Jacks Valley.

The upshot of the zone changes would reduce Simek’s agricultural acreage from 173.6 acres to 109.6 acres, reduce his range land from 127.5 acres to 40.8 acres and increase his commercial acreage from 25 acres to 36.5 acres. It would also eliminate 318.4 acres of single-family estates zoning and shift much of those residential densities onto 464.5 acres of rural residential and receiving zones.

The request is supported by the planning commission.

n Walley’s sewer agreement. A sewer services agreement with the David Walley’s Hot Springs and Spa. The agreement would allow the developer, who plans to build time-share condominiums at the property south of Genoa, to expand the business’ existing septic system and use it for 30 months, until a regional sewer line is available to the property.

n Ranchos affordable housing. Approval of the request for a planned development overlay to create 24 residential parcels in the Gardnerville Ranchos, will allow the affordable housing project by the Citizens for Affordable Housing to go forward.

n Name change. The commission is also scheduled to hear a request to change the name of the portion of Gilman Avenue east of Highway 395 to Chichester Estates Parkway. Gardnerville town officials unanimously rebuffed representatives of the subdivision who brought the matter forward Sept. 3. The road was named for Lawrence Gilman, one of the town’s founders.

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