Comedienne helps students master art of standup |

Comedienne helps students master art of standup

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From left, Janet Lookabaugh, Robin Runzel, Jim Campbell, Gina Rossan and Geo Fish are graduates of Kat Simmons' comedy class.

On Nov. 5, five brave souls took to the stage and performed their five-minute standup comedy routines for a full house at the COD Casino in Minden. Some of the students had never even held a microphone before, let alone stand alone on stage while making people laugh. In six short weeks, the students go from introducing themselves to performing standup comedy. Comedienne and author Kat Simmons teaches her students to write authentically and use their own lives as material. She also teaches exercises on how to quell stage fright that involve breathing and visualization. This class is as much for the person you can’t get on the mic as the one you can get off of it. She hopes they will continue to look for the funny in life long after they graduate and look at things with a new perspective. For information on her next class or private comedy coaching, call 775-721-8864.