Color run planned for Genoa |

Color run planned for Genoa

People used bottles filled with colored cornstarch to color each other Saturday at the Color Blast 5K Run to benefit Tahoe Youth & Family Services.
Eric Heinz / Tahoe Daily Tribune | Tahoe Daily Tribune

A benefit planned by Tahoe Youth & Family Services will bring some color to Nevada’s oldest town this summer.

On April 1, Genoa Town Board members approved a 5K Color Blast Run scheduled for July 26, if the organization gets the all-clear from 1862 David Walley’s Hot Springs & Resort and Ranch 1 to use the Genoa Vista Trail.

Tahoe Youth & Family Services Director Alissa Nourse told board members the color is nontoxic cornstarch that should be easy to clean up.

The 5K would start at Genoa Park and travel down Genoa Street and down Carson Street before crossing Foothill Road to the Vista Trail. Nourse said they hoped to attract up to 150 people to the event.

It’s not a huge capacity event,” she said. “Cleanup is easy, but we try to keep it away from cars that are driving by.”

She said at Tahoe the college used a street sweeper to go back after the event, and most of the color was gone.

But on Genoa’s dirt streets, and the path, which isn’t designed for something as large as a street sweeper, rain and wind might have to serve to clear the color away.

Board member Trent Tholen said they shouldn’t start throwing the color around until they reach the Vista Trail.

“I know a lot of folks on Genoa Street who wouldn’t want any color on it at all,” he said.

Resident Barbara Florman pointed out that Ranch 1’s cattle often gather by the fence along the trail, and that organizers should avoid getting the cornstarch on the cows.

The event would close the trail and result in at least a partial closure of Genoa and Carson streets.

Board member Nancy Aten said she thought it sounded like a fun event.

Registration for the event would be 7:30 a.m. at Genoa Park with the start at 9 a.m. Nourse said the event would be done by noon at the latest.

In addition to keeping the color to the Vista Trail and working with Walley’s and Ranch 1, organizers would have to provide additional toilets.

The organization held a similar fundraiser at Lake Tahoe Community College in September 2013.